Tips for a Safe, Healthy Diwali

Diwali, the Festival of Pollution! The Festival of Loud Bursting Noise! The Festival of Nature Devastation! Is here. Sounds Bad…? Rude…? If yes, then let Us Together Take a Step Forward and Restore it as The Festival of Light and Happiness!

Burn The Diyas
Avoid wasting electricity by using lights or burning petroleum in the form of candles. Use clay/earthen diyas which are re-usable and available in different shapes, colours and decorations.
P.S. Light a small Diya and place it between a few stacked and glued together glass bangles. The View is Amazing!

Decorations to Purify the House!
Rangolis at the Entrance of the house can be made using eco-friendly colours and flowers. Similarly we can avoid using Electric Lights and Plastic hangings for the House. Reuse old Glass Jars instead! Place a small Diya inside them and Hang using Wires and Coils!

Creative Gift Wraps
It’s high time to stop using plastic wraps for gifts! Go Creative! Use Newspapers, Magazine covers, Brown papers, Atlas sheets, Plain sheets, old fabrics etc. and then decorate them with ribbons, stick-on etc.

Say No to Crackers!
Totally Avoiding Crackers with kids is a little difficult at first but you could start off with eco-friendly crackers, made from recycled paper. The noise produced by them is within the decibel limits set by the Central Pollution Control Board. But, eventually these should also be stopped!
A better Alternative: collect dry leaves, grass and twigs and lighting a bonfire on the in an open space with music, dance and food!
Another option is to fill Balloons with glitters and colourful paper bits and then bursting them up for Fun!

Measures for Kids
  1. Fireworks should be lighted away from combustible materials like clothes, curtains, books, trees, dry grass etc.
  2. Have water handy (in a bucket) to soak fireworks after firing.
  3. Keep First-Aid Box Handy and also the numbers of Nearest Hospitals, emergency numbers etc.
  4. Fireworks should never be lit in metal or glass containers
  5. Never carry fireworks in your pocket. They’re explosives and can go off prematurely even if they’re not lit.
  6. Do not wear flowing clothes or festive silks and synthetics while bursting crackers. They catch fire easily. Wear Cotton. Closed shoes will prevent Accidental feet burns.
  7. Never Re-ignite crackers which haven’t burst.
  8. Don’t let kids ignite crackers themselves.
  9. Never let them light aerial fireworks if there is a tree or overhead wires nearby.
  10. Never throw the used fireworks on the streets or public places.
  11. Never allow children to point or throw fireworks at others.

First-Aid For Minor Burns
  1. immerse the burnt area in cold water or cool it with cold compresses.
  2. Cover the burnt area with a sterile gauze bandage, loosely. Don’t use fluffy cotton.
  3. Do not use ice. The wound takes longer to heal otherwise.
  4. Don’t use ghee, oil, butter or any ointment etc. on the burn as it increases the risk of infection.
  5. Don’t break blisters, it may cause infection.
  6. In case of increased pain, redness, fever, swelling or oozing, please take medical help.
 Remember Diwali is a Festival to enjoy with Family and Friends and Sharing Happiness increases the Fun! Don’t forget the Less Privilidged and try to make a difference in at least one such Person’s life! Take care of the nature and the poor animals who can’t stand the loud noises!
Too many Precautions Given…Now it’s time To Go Out There and Have the Diwali Fun!! :D

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